2024 Awards

2024 Awards

About the event

The RiskTech100® virtual event on October 8th and 9th, 2024, promises to be a landmark gathering for risk technology professionals. Here, we'll discuss the latest innovations and strategies in the field and announce the top 100 global risk technology providers from our RiskTech100 report. The event is set to be a melting pot of ideas and networking opportunities.

For close to two-decades RiskTech100® has been the go-to place for clear, accurate, and independent analysis of the risk technology marketplace and the companies doing great things within it.

The RiskTech100 report provides an exhaustive evaluation of the top global risk technology providers. We focus on their strategic vision, market influence, and innovation in risk management technologies, offering a broad perspective on who is leading and shaping the future of the risk technology sector.

If you are an executive, technologist, or strategist in the risk technology sector, this event is crucial for you. Gain insights into the evolving landscape, meet industry leaders, and understand the future direction of risk technology.