Research methodology

The rankings in Chartis's RiskTech100® report reflect our analysts' considered opinions, along with research into market trends, participants, expenditure patterns and best practices. The data collection for this study started in January 2017, and the analysis has been validated through several phases of independent verification. This study is the most comprehensive of its kind and is a core element of Chartis's annual research cycle..

RiskTech100® research methodology

  • Performed market sweep of 40,000 risk technology buyers globally (70% financial services, 20% non-financial services)
  • Collated 1500 completed questionnaires from risk technology buyers and end users
  • Collected data on expenditure priorities and vendor preferences
  • Collated 330 completed questionnaires from risk technology vendors
  • Conducted 200 interviews and product briefings with risk technology vendors
  • Conducted 130 interviews with risk technology buyers to validate survey findings
  • Conducted 53 interviews with independent consultants and systems integrators specializing in risk technology
  • Applied RiskTech100® assessment criteria to filter top 150 vendors
  • Reviewed data with 20 independent consultants and 110 risk technology buyers
  • Interviewed 55 ex-employees of the top 25 risk technology vendors to validate findings
  • Undertook final data validation with 108 vendors — received 90 completed questionnaires and 50 vendor briefings
  • Concluded final top-100 rankings, determined category winners and completed report write-up