At the cutting edge of RiskTech for more than a decade

In its twelve-year history, RiskTech100® has consistently been the leading analysis of the risk technology vendor landscape — a landscape that has changed profoundly in that time. In 2006, when Chartis launched its flagship product, the vendor landscape was fragmented and lacked maturity. Since then, the nature of risk has become more complex and nuanced, and the aftermath of the 2008 crash has left financial institutions, and regulators, more sensitive and alert to the copious and varied risks they face. In tandem, companies supplying technology to help them cope have multiplied and blossomed.

The vendors we've covered range from tier-one enterprise software powerhouses to specialized boutiques. In each and every case we've applied our rigorous methodology and expert knowledge of the market to our analysis, to provide an accurate, up-to-the-minute assessment of the risk technology space and its key players.

Risk technology continues to go from strength to strength. Likewise, RiskTech100® will continue to track its development, supplying unique and powerful insight into the diversity, quality and innovation in this continually growing and expanding marketplace.